Blade Runner and the Importance of Memories

Blade runner is the reason that my first blog post on my new site is about my first memory. 

This is because I watched the eerie cult sci-fi film for the first time ever on the weekend and if that doesn’t make sense you haven’t watched it. I really wanted to wait and see it in 2019 - the year it is set in - but then I somehow ran out of patience. Thirty years are a long time. 

My first ever memory as a child is of visiting the cockpit and talking to the pilots on our flight to Spain when I was two years old. The next thing I remember is floating in the hotel pool face down. The bottom of the pool was tiled with a mosaic of a dragon. My then very athletic dad sprinted across the grounds and dove in headfirst to fish me out of the water.

And there you have some of my favourite things in one little paragraph: Flying, travelling, water, dragons. My dad. It seems strange that just a couple of years later I fell into our neighbour’s fishpond in the middle of the German winter, fully dressed in a heavy felt coat, and nearly drowned again – and yet, I have turned into a water baby and love nothing more than being by or in the ocean. 

You will find a lot of ocean and film related content on this site.

What was your earliest memory?