How to make branded films that don't bore your audience to tears

There are numerous talented filmmakers out there who are struggling to find funding for their films and there are companies wasting their marketing budgets on videos that no one cares about. Bringing the two together to create something that's both worth watching and contributes to forming a positive brand personality is what I am passionate about. Here are some tips to get you started:

Make them feel something: 

Tell a story that is emotional, inspiring, or educational. Or all three wrapped into one. You want your audience a/ not to stop watching b/ come away feeling that they just saw something special, that they invested their time well, that your brand is super cool and that they want to share this with their peers, right now. 
To achieve this you need: 

Find an interesting person/character:

People do not relate to brands, they relate to other people. If you’re in marketing, that might be a tough one to accept. Find an interesting person, or a group, someone your audience can either relate to or be inspired by. And that’s not your CEO. Unless he or she is Richard Branson or Elon Musk. Actually... not even then. 

Forget about your product:

You know those people who only ever talk about themselves? Boring. People are not interested in your products. They are interested in themselves. So give them a story that will make them smarter, happier or look cooler in the eyes of their friends. Then, in a very authentic, subtle way that fits the brand (values) and the right context (because content needs context), include your product in the story.  

Tell a good story:

Even a 2-minute short film can have a have a story arc. Or create suspense. Or surprise. Collating pretty pictures is not a story and in today’s crowded digital landscape it won’t get noticed.

Put together a great team:

Storytelling is an art. It pays to pay the experts: get someone in to write the script or come up with the concept, and bring together the right film crew for the job. If you’re doing an action/adventure film you will need a different breed of cinematographers and directors than for a city or fashion or profile shoot. 

Find a stunning location:

Don’t even think about your offices. No one cares. Take people on a journey, let them “stuff their eyes in wonder” in the words of Ray Bradbury.