Time to Refuel: The Sarojin in Thailand

Originally published on She’s Mercedes Lounge (membership only) on 15 March 2018

Let's talk about the dilemma of choosing the next holiday destination. Not only does one have to content with numerous interests and personalities within oneself, there may also be the added complication of a partner to consider.

The romantic in us would like to stay in a beautiful candle lit hotel located amidst lush vegetation with an intimate outdoor space while the waterbaby yearns to be in the ocean or private pool practically 24/7 (pruny skin problem aside). Our partner, on the other hand, wants to go diving, mountain-biking, hiking, and preferably have a massage at the end of every single day without having to leave the room. Both like it where it's quiet and where one can venture out and interact with the locals.

What may sound like mission impossible is standard at The Sarojin in Khao Lak, Thailand. Only about an hour's drive away from Phuket International Airport, this 56 room oasis sits on a 11 km long secluded white sandy beach and is surrounded by ten acres of tropical garden, hidden and far away from the Phuket crowds and offering all the activities the adventurous at heart desire.

Khao Lak borders five primary rainforest national parks, Phang Nga Bay and the world famous dive sanctuaries of the Similan and Surin Islands are easy to reach. Provincial regulations ensure that no buildings taller than the height of a coconut palm tree go up and efforts in landscaping and planting vegetation protect the tranquility that Khao Lak is known for remains.

The area was one of the ones hit the hardest by the tsunami of 2004 but aside from a few memorial sites and the needed protective measures, one would not know. Owners Kate and Andrew Kemp were only days away from opening their dream project when it was all destroyed on that fateful Boxing Day. However, with grit and determination - and their loyal staff - they rebuild and opened in 2005. Not giving up on their vision has paid off and the 5-star luxury resort has won numerous awards since then.

What makes The Sarojin - named after a mythical noblewoman who perfected the art of hospitality - special is the incredible attention to detail, both in design and service. Dream up your perfect stay and you will probably find that The Sarojin has it covered. Don't like waking up early? Breakfast is served all day. Don't want to leave your residence with it's own pool and outdoor bathroom? Forget depressing mini bars stocked with unhealthy snacks - every room has a deli type fridge with fresh food options and bread from the in-house bakery. Speaking of rooms, there are three types: spacious suites on the upper level, pool residences featuring private plunge pools and garden residences. All are accessed by crossing brooks of clear water, and each contains a Thai sala (platform) for lounging. The combination of indoor and outdoor elements is evident throughout the resort and make staying in so tempting. However, adventure is the other speciality of the house. From year round swimming, kayaking and windsurfing on the sheltered beach to jumping on the hotel owned boat to go scuba diving in world famous dive spots or hiking through national parks, white water rafting... the list is endless and staff are more than happy to help you put together a tailor made action plan for you.

Romance is the other speciality of The Sarojin. The setting and attention to detail make this a truly beautiful and romantic hideaway so it's no surprise that it is popular with honeymooners and couples in general. Whether you fancy a private picnic by the beach or by a waterfall in the jungle, a private little excursion on the the hotel owned yacht or your own tailor made wedding - the in-house romance manager has it covered.

While love may be in the air here at all times, it doesn't have to be the lazy type (although it can be!). The owners have made Khao Lak their home and are invested in the community and offer guests the opportunity to get involved. Contributions to the The Sarojin Khao Lak Community Fund are welcome as is an active participation in community projects that benefit children with disabilities and orphans, just to name some.

With so much love, attention to detail and thought put into a place, one can only expect good vibes and a peaceful relaxing stay. Who is to know what new ideas and inspiration one will come away from this?

Find out more: https://www.sarojin.com