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Eating in Confined Spaces

British skipper Alex Thomson on what we can learn from his routine during the extreme adventure that is the Vendée Globe    

Throughout history humans have been driven to explore, to go beyond the known to discover the unknown. But what is there left to explore? We have gone to the bottom of the sea, to the highest mountains, the deepest caves, vast deserts and most impenetrable jungles, even outer space.

Only a few people, however, have taken on the adventure of singlehandedly circumnavigating the world in a sailing boat.

Meet British skipper Alex Thomson - if you haven’t already come across him on YouTube where his videos have garnered millions of views for his breath-taking and risky PR stunts (just search for “skywalk”). The extreme sailer has become known for pushing the limits and is currently preparing for the much anticipated Vendée Globe in November - his third. In January 2013, Alex finished the Vendee Globe in third place, being the fastest Britain to sail single handedly, non-stop around the globe, finishing the race in 80 days, 19 hours, 23 minutes. This time, he intends to be the first British sailor to win the race.

While the Mercedes-Benz ambassador’s feats are spectacular and entertaining, it is - as always - what is happening behind the scenes that is fascinating and possibly educational.

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Expert piece for Curve by Getty Images

Visual Storytelling- the Path to Brand Engagement

Originally published June 2014 on curve.gettyimages.com
Traditional marketing is breathing its last breath. And while it is dying a slow but inevitable death, content is the new context that brands live in. Companies need to learn to tell engaging stories in an authentic and entertaining way that will leave potential customers with a positive association to the brand, particularly in highly competitive markets. 

Making an emotional connection with consumers is still a skill underestimated by many marketers. People do not relate to brands, they relate to other people. Stories have been the social glue that binds society for as long as humankind has existed and what better way than to tell stories through visual content... 

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Travel writing, Interviews

Riding on Thin Air: Kelly McGarry and Jeremy Lyttle Take On Khardung La 

Originally published 17.02.2015 on Mercedes-Benz.com (short film)
Finding something extraordinary to film when you’re working with someone like mountain biker Kelly McGarry is not an easy feat. Best known for his breath-taking downhill footage escalating in a flip over a 72-foot-long canyon gap at Red Bull Rampage 2013 with currently over 22 Million views on YouTube, his sport has taken him around the world for the past 10 years. But he had never been to India. Nor had he ever been that high up or that remote with his bike as to where we were taking him and his friend of eight years and fellow rider, Jeremy Lyttle: Khardung La. 

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mb! and the FaceHunter in Morocco: Telling a Different Story

Originally published 02.05.2014 on mb! magazine and Mercedes-Benz.com
Driving 1200 km across the Maghreb country with fashion photographer and globe-blogger Yvan Rodic, we discuss how we invent our identity through pieces of the world.

Morocco is a country of contrast. From the white walls and Mediterranean climate of Tangiers, past the famous blue pigment of Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains, down the Atlantic surf shores and across to the red desert sands surrounding Marrakech. Young creative people making their mark in the international fashion, film and design world whilst teetering on the walls of old values; artisans continuing the centuries-old traditions of their ancestors in quiet back alleys, while companies like Prada and Armani reside in the glamorous Morocco Mall in Casablanca.

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Work Hard and Be Brave - Casey Neistat

Originally published 28.10..2013 on mb! magazine and Mercedes-Benz.com
Watching Casey Neistat’s videos leaves you wishing that you had come up with the idea yourself. Or that you could at least have been part of the fun. The New York-based filmmaker is bold, original and clever in a hands-on kind of way. Or, as one viewer on the filmmaker’s recent “CLA Project” videos for Mercedes-Benz USA commented: “I admire anyone who brings that much crazy to the table”. Usually the star of his own films (and typically seen either running, skateboarding, jumping or occasionally falling while his assistant quietly snickers in the background), Casey is not afraid to speak his mind. In his now famous video appeal to the City of New York about the injustice of being fined for riding his bike on the traffic lane (with currently nine million views), the super fit runner stoically crashes into any obstacle blocking the bike lane – from trashcans to police cars. In his case, “crazy” always comes with a purpose.

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